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With how popular the dSLR are for shooting video is no wonder someone came up with the idea of placing a loupe in front of the LCD to help pulling focus even under direct sunlight.

But the only thing that really was holding me back to purchase one myself is how crazy expensive they are! I mean is not cutting edge technology, is not even an electronic device in it. So I’m not saying the materials and overall built quality is not worth the extra money but why charge $400 dollars for such a simple device?

So was looking for an alternative online and found the Flashpoint LCD Foldaway Viewfinder 3X magnification at with enough positive reviews and cost just 1/6 of the Zacuto Z-Find-Pro3 Optical Viewfinder so is a no brainer. Sometimes you just want to be able to look up close to the screen and that is what this does.

Some may argue that Zacuto is better product because a lot of reasons, and I truthfully won’t argue that they are a bigger company that focuses it’s efforts to provide quality products for cinematographers. But not everybody has $400 dollars to fork out for a loupe with nice black/red theme. Just not my cup of tea.

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