Green Lantern Review


Tonight Solange and I went to the movies to watch the Green Lantern and it gave me mixed results because to me this could have been a great story to start to introduce more characters of the DC Comic Universe to the movies, for the last couple of decades only Superman and Batman have been turned into movies but seems like they are trying to catch up with Marvel since they are already building up the team for the Avengers while DC needs to speed things up if they really want to make a movie with the Justice League in this decade.

First, same as many superhero movies coming from the comics you get almost 30 minutes of establishment so everybody will understand the concept of the movie from where the power comes from, the alliance of guardians and how the ring itself select the right person for the job. This way works because it saves you from reading a pile of comics to get the whole idea. Has been done recently with Iron Man, Thor and Capitan America. But this time even though it does show the audience there Hal Jordan comes from, what he does for living and his behavior, it falls short when comes to really establish the relationship with the love interest (Blake Lively) and the evil Hector Hammond never really gave a real fight to our hero and seems like the writers developed a great villain but after he got stronger enough to put up a real fight they just toss it to the garbage by making a magic entrance of the main evil character Parallax into the hangar they are in and that’s just sad and flat out stupid. All of this gives us a messy first act with loads of holes to begin with.

When Hal Jordan is taken by the ring to its home planet Oa, here comes a ton of CGI that besides giving the audience a Ryan Reynolds in a spandex suit and some hollow “training” scenes, never really provides more than an obscure world full of aliens of all over the universe with a big green lantern alien that wants to kick Jordan’s ass and a red skinned leader that has not trust in the newest addition to the Green Lantern Corps.

I think the problems begin with the narration that tell us everything from the very first minute that never ends, instead the director should have shown us everything giving a richer experience skipping the documentary style. The script only slightly touches the romantic relationship between Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris, which could have been a great audience grabber building up empathy the same way Superman and Lois Lane does it, maybe putting her in real danger later on and making us all want the Green Lantern to succeed saving the girl and the end of the movie.

When Hal Jordan starts believing and truly learns how to properly use the ring powers the movie is really awesome, Reynolds has a charm that really fits into the character. From that point on is totally worth it and the action scenes even though they are all CGI are well done.

But for the teenage boys and young adult demographic for which this movie is intended is going to totally satisfy them since they are not really looking more than a action-filled movie with action sequences and powerful heroes.

Rating 6.5/10
Because even though is not a masterpiece, it does its job by entertain the audience with action/humor.

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